Newsweek Ranks Mass General Brigham Hospitals as Best in the World

Massachusetts General Hospital and Brigham and Women’s Hospital earn top spots

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Mass General Brigham is honored to have its two founding members—Mass General Hospital and Brigham and Women’s Hospital—ranked by Newsweek as two of the top hospitals in the world for 2022, earning #3 and #17 in the world rankings, respectively.

This is the fourth year that Newsweek has partnered with Statista Inc, a global data research firm, to name their list of the World's Best Hospitals. The hospitals named in this list cover 27 countries, including United States, United Kingdom, Germany and Canada, standing out for their “consistent excellence, including distinguished physicians, top-notch nursing care and state-of-the-art technology,” according to Newsweek.

The experts who helped guide the annual rankings emphasized the importance hospitals’ skill in learning to adapt to new and evolving challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. David Bates, MD, MS, Chief of General Internal Medicine and Primary Care at Brigham and Women's Hospital gave insight to these challenges. He explains in the Newsweek rankings announcement, "We had to very rapidly convert beds to ICU beds, and close large sections of the hospital, then come up with staff to cover those beds. There were also great challenges with managing our supply chain for things like ventilators and personal protective equipment."

Scores were calculated for each hospital using three, weighted categories: National and international peer recommendation, publicly available patient experience scores, and medical Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)—e.g., data on quality of treatment and hygiene measures.

Out of just the hospitals in the United States, Newsweek ranked Massachusetts General Hospital and Brigham and Women’s Hospital in the #3 and #6 spots.

Additionally, Newsweek announced separate ranking for several medical specialty areas, with a separate ranking for maternity. Four of our hospitals were recognized as top performing maternity hospitals. In this ranking, hospitals receive ribbons to denote ranking. Newsweek lists the top 350 leading hospitals for maternity care in the U.S., divided into two performance categories: five ribbon hospitals (161 institutions) and four ribbon hospitals (189 institutions).

Top maternity hospitals in the Mass General Brigham system include:

  • MGH – top rating, 5 ribbons
  • BWH – top rating, 5 ribbons
  • Cooley Dickinson Hospital – 4 ribbons
  • Newton Wellesley Hospital – 4 ribbons

Mass General Brigham also performed well in a variety of key medical specialties. Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) received top-ten status in eight different specialties:

  • Cardiology: MGH #1
  • Cardiac Surgery: MGH #3, BWH #5
  • Endocrinology: MGH #2, BWH #7
  • Gastroenterology: MGH #2
  • Neurology: MGH #2
  • Neurosurgery: MGH #4
  • Orthopedics: MGH #4, BWH #11
  • Pulmonology: MGH #2, BWH #10

Read the full announcement and 2022 world rankings on Newsweek.