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Mass General Brigham is committed to conducting our affairs in accordance with the highest ethical and legal standards. To maintain these standards, all those associated with our organizations act with integrity and honesty.

As an institution, Mass General Brigham has achieved a reputation of the highest integrity. This reputation is a priceless asset that we do our utmost to maintain, to continue to build our position of respect and prestige in the community.

Interactions with industry

Mass General Brigham, our affiliated hospitals, and our professionals have a long history of supporting collaborations with industry. These relationships further our mission of carrying out high-quality medicine and leading research and medical education, and in translating scientific advances into improvements in patient care. Preserving them is, therefore, critical to our ability to achieve our charitable missions. 

However, Mass General Brigham also recognizes that these relationships have the potential to affect – or create the perception that they may affect – the way that we conduct our charitable activities, and so they must be managed carefully. It is vital to assure patients, research subjects, trainees, the scientific community, and the public that our relationships with industry are conducted responsibly and do not compromise objectivity and integrity in how we take care of our patients, conduct our research, and provide medical education.

Policies on interactions with industry and other outside entities

Our policies and procedures can help physicians, employees, and staff maintain relationships with industry that meet high standards of professionalism and integrity.

Mass General Brigham has long had in place policies and practices to assure that these relationships remain principled and consistent with our mission. The policies include rules regarding:

  • Researchers’ financial interests and outside activities
  • Clinical care 
  • Education
  • Consulting
  • Institutional conflicts of interest
  • Gifts from vendors 

Guidelines for Mass General Brigham Individuals in Company Videos and Other Recordings

Physicians and other individuals affiliated with Mass General Brigham may be involved in an activity that will be recorded by a company. These talks and presentations may provide significant medical information and education on an important medical topic. This guideline document sets out the conditions for appropriate involvement of Mass General Brigham individuals in such company recordings and explains the individual’s responsibilities in connection with participation in company recordings. 

Public Access

Since August 24, 2012, the Public Health Service requires that Mass General Brigham (formerly Partners HealthCare) provide public access to certain information regarding financial conflicts of interest held by senior/key personnel on our research projects funded by the Public Health Service. 
Mass General Brigham makes available the following information regarding financial conflicts of interest identified on and after August 24, 2012 of senior/key personnel on Public Health Service awards:

  • Name of senior/key personnel with the financial conflict of interest;
  • The individual’s title and role in the research project;
  • The name of the entity in which the financial interest is held;
  • The nature of the financial interest;
  • The approximate value of the financial interest (in ranges).

How to make a Public Access request:

Please note that this is the exclusive procedure for obtaining this information from Mass General Brigham.

Once your request form is received  by PHSPublicAccess you will receive a response from the Office of interactions with Industry (OII) promptly.

  1. Download and complete the Request Form
  2. Send your completed form to:

Compliance Helpline

If you have a legal or ethical question or believe that another member of the Mass General Brigham community has violated a legal or ethical responsibility, you can contact the Compliance Helpline. You may also call the Mass General Brigham Compliance HelpLine at 1-800-856-1983. This toll-free number is staffed by live operators 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Contact the Compliance Helpline

A Guide to Ethical Standards

Mass General Brigham depends on each individual in our network to act in accordance with our shared commitment to high legal and ethical standards, including standards for interactions with industry. The trust and respect enjoyed by Mass General Brigham in our community is the result of repeated acts of integrity by individuals within Mass General Brigham and its member institutions over many years.