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Mass General Brigham

Personalized Medicine

We are working to transform health care by accelerating the research and use of genetic and genomic information in the clinical setting to improve patient care.

researcherd in lab looking in microscopes

Transforming health care through personalization of medical care 

Discovery through innovation

Taking the promise of personalized health care from the lab to the clinic requires smart people and smart technology. Our unique, clinical-grade data management and reporting systems combined with expert analyses, provide the foundation for knowledge sharing and clinical adoption that is advancing personalized medicine.

Shaping personalized medicine together

Together we can make a difference. Whether you’re an investigator looking to integrate genetics or genomics into your research or a physician looking to improve patient care through genetic testing, we’re here to help through a collaborative, consultative team approach to finding answers.

Protecting their future

Our committed professionals understand that each test is more than a sample—it’s a patient. We take great care to share results in clear, accurate reports that are clinically meaningful and actionable for treatment and prevention. We continually strive to transform health care and improve the quality of care at Mass General Brigham and beyond.

What to expect

At Mass General Brigham Personalized Medicine, we take a collaborative, consultative approach to advancing medicine, both within the division and with our clients. Here is what you can expect when you work with us.

Getting to know you. An initial consultation allows us to fully understand your challenges and goals. We will then tailor an approach that meets your needs.

Customized to your needs. Whether it’s next-generation sequencing, phenotyping, Biobanking, or any of our other services, we customize our services for every client. We will direct you to the most knowledgeable experts and guide you every step of the way, ensuring the most successful outcomes and results that will help you achieve your research goals.

Building knowledge together. We utilize our inter-institutional knowledge, data, and infrastructure sharing through GeneInsight Network® to accelerate the evolution of our collective understanding of the molecular basis of disease into clinical practice.

We are looking forward to collaborating with you to make personalized genetic medicine a reality for all patients.

Helping you get started. You are short on time and may have questions. We’re here to help you find the right tests and assist you with ordering. You can speak with one of our geneticists or physician specialists about the appropriateness of certain tests and how to use them in the clinical setting.

Comprehensive reporting services. And when the results are in, we won’t leave you to have to figure it out on your own. You will receive detailed and meaningful clinical reports of test results through GeneInsight Clinic®. Genetic counselors and geneticists are available to answer your and your patients’ questions.

Keeping you up to date. Things change fast in the world of genetics with new variants detected regularly as the database of testing data grows. Not to worry—you’ll be kept informed if new information emerges on variants identified in patient profiles through the GeneInsight Clinic® platform.

Integration with electronic health record. If you’re in the Mass General Brigham Personalize Medicine system, your patients’ test results are available in the electronic health record.

We look forward to speaking about our testing services.

Take advantage of our educational offerings. Look into the Harvard Medical School Genetics Training Program and train in our laboratory, or attend a seminar to stay on top of the latest developments in personalized medicine.

Tap into our experts. When you work with Mass General Brigham Personalized Medicine, you will have access to our team of experts in the field of personalized medicine who are eager to collaborate with you and share their knowledge to advance the field.