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Virtual Visits

Receive world-class primary and specialty care from the convenient location of your choice.   

woman scheduling a virtual doctor visit

What is a virtual visit?

A virtual visit is a video or phone appointment with your health care provider or health care team from the comfort of your home, the convenience of work, or from a private location. 

Whether it's a first-time consultation or follow-up appointment, our primary care providers (PCPs), specialty physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and more are here to help you stay connected to care.

There is no physical contact between the patient and provider during a virtual doctor visit. This means some clinical needs may not be appropriate for virtual visits. Your provider can tell you if a virtual visit works for the care you need. We offer virtual visits for patients of all ages, but those under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

For information about our virtual care terms and policies, visit the virtual care page.

Virtual visits are NOT for medical emergencies. For medical emergencies, please call 9-1-1  

Benefits of virtual visits

Through a virtual visit, you can:

  • Address a new medical concern (like new symptoms or changes in your health)
  • Follow up on a specific health condition
  • Review or order lab work, imaging, or test results
  • Answer questions about a medication or therapy, order a new medication, or refill a prescription
  • Discuss an upcoming procedure or surgery

Caregivers, family members, and others can join your virtual visit from your location or remotely from another location.

How can I schedule a virtual visit?

In order to have a virtual visit with a Mass General Brigham provider, you must first become an established Mass General Brigham patient. To become a patient, please contact the provider you would like to see. 

If you’re already an established patient of Mass General Brigham, please call or message your provider through Mass General Brigham Patient Gateway directly to see if a virtual visit is an option.

If you are located outside of Massachusetts, please check with your provider to verify if virtual visits are available to you.

How does a virtual visit work?

On the day of your appointment, you log onto your device to connect with your health care provider virtually. It’s important to set up your device prior to the visit to ensure you can connect smoothly. Our Virtual Care FAQs answer common questions about preparing for your visit.  

Please watch our videos and complete the setup steps below before your virtual visit. 

Access a Patient Gateway virtual visit from your computer:

Access a Patient Gateway virtual visit from your mobile device:

Set Up Your Windows or Mac Computer 

To prepare your computer for your virtual visit: 

  1. Enroll or log in to Patient Gateway
  2. Download and install the 'Zoom Meeting' video application. Set up and test your device. 

If using a Safari browser, please disable popup blockers. You do not need to create a Zoom account. Visit the Zoom test website to make sure audio and video work well on your device. Call Patient Gateway at 1-800-745-9683 if you have any questions.

Set up your mobile device or tablet

To prepare your mobile device or tablet: 

  1. Download the Mass General Brigham Patient Gateway app and log in. 
  2. Access your virtual visit appointment on Patient Gateway.

Access to virtual visits

Mass General Brigham strives to ensure that access to a virtual visit is available to everyone, regardless of the language they speak or their skill with technology. If your needs cannot be met with our standard Patient Gateway/Zoom approach, simpler but secure methods of connecting with your provider are readily available. Call your provider’s office to discuss these options.

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