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Integrated Residency and Fellowship Programs

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Integrated training programs

For information about the program director, please refer to the institution specific listing.

Training Program Program Type Accreditation Institutions
Acute Neurotherapeutics and Neuromonitoring Fellowship   BWH, MGH
Addiction Psychiatry Fellowship ACGME BWH, MGH, McLean
Adult Congenital Heart Disease Fellowship ACGME  BWH, MGH
Adult Multiple Sclerosis and Neuroimmunology Fellowship   BWH, MGH
Blood Banking/Transfusion Medicine Fellowship ACGME BWH, MGH
Breast Surgery Fellowship   BWH, MGH
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship ACGME MGH, McLean
Clinical Informatics (Pathology) Fellowship ACGME BWH, MGH
Clinical Neuropsychology Clinical Training   BWH, MGH
Complex and High-Risk Percutaneous Coronary Intervention Fellowship   BWH, MGH
Complex General Surgical Oncology Fellowship  ACGME BWH, DFCI, MGH
Dermatology Residency ACGME BWH, MGH
Dermatopathology Fellowship ACGME BWH, BIDMC, MGH
Disaster Medicine and Healthcare Emergency Medicine Fellowship   BWH, MGH
Emergency Department Administration Fellowship   BWH, MGH
Emergency Medicine Residency ACGME BWH, MGH
Emergency Medicine Education Fellowship   BWH, MGH
Emergency Ultrasound Fellowship   BWH, MGH
Endocrine Surgery Fellowship AAES BWH, MGH
Forensic Psychiatry Fellowship ACGME BWH, MGH
Functional Neurosurgery R. Mark Richardson, MD, PhD 617-958-5686 Fellowship  
Geriatric Psychiatry Fellowship ACGME BWH, MGH, McLean
Health Policy and Social Emergency Medicine Research Fellowship   BWH, MGH
Hematology and Oncology Fellowship ACGME BWH, MGH
HIV Fellowship   BWH, MGH
Hospice and Palliative Medicine Fellowship
Infectious Disease Fellowship ACGME BWH, MGH
Internal Medicine/Dermatology Residency ABIM/ABD BWH, MGH
Medical Physics Clinical Training CAMPEP BWH, MGH
Molecular Genetic Pathology Fellowship ACGME BWH, MGH
Movement Disorders Fellowship   BWH, MGH
Nephrology Fellowship ACGME BWH, MGH
Neuroanesthesia Fellowship   BWH, MGH
Neurocritical Care Fellowship ACGME BWH, MGH
Neurodegeneration Disease Fellowship   BWH, MGH
Neurogenetics and Gene Therapy Fellowship   BWH, MGH
Neurology Residency ACGME BWH, MGH
Neuromuscular Medicine Fellowship ACGME BWH, MGH
Neuro-oncology Fellowship UCNS BWH, MGH
Neurorecovery Fellowship   MGH, Spaulding
Obstetrics and Gynecology Residency ACGME BWH, MGH
Orthopaedic Surgery Residency ACGME BWH, MGH
Orthopaedic Trauma Fellowship OTA BWH, MGH
Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery Residency ACGME BWH, MGH, MEE
Pathology – Anatomic and Clinical Residency ACGME BWH, MGH
Patient Safety Fellowship   BWH, MGH
Pediatric Multiple Sclerosis and Neuroimmunology Fellowship   BWH, BCH, MGH
Plastic Surgery (Independent) Residency ACGME BWH, MGH
Plastic Surgery (Integrated) Residency ACGME BWH, MGH
Population Health Leadership Fellowship   BWH, MGH
Psychiatry, Adult Residency ACGME MGH, McLean
Radiation Oncology Residency ACGME BWH, MGH
Sleep Medicine Fellowship ACGME  BWH, MGH
Spinal Neurosurgery
Fellowship   BWH, MGH
Spine Surgery
Fellowship   BWH, MGH
Urologic Oncology Fellowship SUO BWH, MGH
Vascular Neurology Fellowship ACGME BWH, MGH
Women's Neurology Fellowship

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