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Mass General Brigham Patient Gateway

Schedule appointments, participate in virtual visits, renew prescriptions, and more through our secure electronic portal. 

Hand using phone with Patient Gateway login screen

What is Mass General Brigham Patient Gateway?

Mass General Brigham Patient Gateway is a secure electronic portal that helps you better manage your own health or the health of a family member. Patient Gateway allows you to do these things and more:

  • Communicate with your health care team

  • Schedule appointments 

  • Participate in virtual visits 

  • Review your medications and renew prescriptions

  • View lab or test results

  • Read visit notes and after-visit summaries

  • Request referrals 

  • Pay your bill

  • Read health and wellness information

Parents, guardians, and adult children of elder parents also can take advantage of these features to coordinate care for children, dependents, or elders.  
Patient Gateway is available in: 

How can I enroll in Mass General Brigham Patient Gateway?

Download instructions below on how to access Patient Gateway with an activation code or how to self-enroll without one. 

Once you enroll, you can receive pre-visit questionnaires, appointment reminders, and electronically check in for your visit. You also can choose how you’d like to be notified about new Patient Gateway messages, including email or text messages.

I am a caregiver (spouse, parent, etc.) of a patient. How can I get proxy access?

A Patient Gateway proxy account can be set up for patients. A Patient Gateway proxy is not the same thing as a health care proxy. A spouse, parent, adult child, or other designee may become a Patient Gateway proxy, if they have been authorized by the patient.

Mass General Brigham Patient Gateway overview video

Our video walks you through Patient Gateway features. 

This video is available in English. To view subtitles in different languages, follow these steps: 

1. When the video is playing, hover over or pause the video and click “settings” (the gear icon ⚙ next to “CC”) on the bottom of the video. 

2. After clicking settings, click “Subtitles/CC.” Then, choose from the different options to find your language. Options include: Arabic, Chinese, English, Haitian Creole, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, and Spanish.

New features to improve patient experience

To improve our patients' experience, we’ve made the following enhancements:

  • eCheck-in: Patients of practices using eCheck-in can verify and update insurance information, fill out questionnaires, and pay co-pays online before their appointment.

  • Virtual Visits: Patients of practices with virtual visit capability can consult with their providers through a video visit. Virtual visits can take place from home or another private location and allow patients get lab results, review symptoms, and ask their provider questions. 

  • Request a cost estimate: Patients can request a cost estimate for health care services at Mass General Brigham. You can generate a self-service estimate for select upcoming or potential services through Patient Gateway. 

  • Get updates about the COVID-19 vaccine: Stay up to date on information about the COVID-19 vaccine with regular email updates from Patient Gateway.

  • Information about your hospital stay: If you are admitted to one of our hospitals as an inpatient, you can see important information about your hospital stay, such as your inpatient medication list, who is on your care team and their progress notes, and education materials.

How can I get technical support?

Our team can help you address any questions or concerns. Read our FAQs or contact Patient Gateway Technical Support at 800-745-9683.

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