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Integrated Healthcare System

From the hospital to home, the Mass General Brigham integrated health system offers high-quality care throughout every part of the health journey. We leverage expertise, compassion, and resources across our organizations to better serve you. 

Discover the ways we improve your care

The best of care, closer to you

Through an integrated health care system, Mass General Brigham brings our teams and services into one location to help you get the most out of your health care. Your dedicated, multidisciplinary care team, comprised of top specialists, work together to establish a comprehensive treatment plan that addresses your whole health. 

Working together to get the right team by your side

Get access to the most specialized providers in health care. Here you’ll find expert physicians across every medical field. An integrated and open form of collaboration across our organization gives you access to the right health care provider at the right place.

Patients at the core of everything we do

At Mass General Brigham, our patients come first. Whether it’s primary care or specialty care, Mass General Brigham providers take the time to listen to every patient and understand their health goals. Together, we form a single and powerful system of health care.

One centralized health record

Mass General Brigham was one of the first in the nation to use the EHR, or electronic health record. One of the most important virtual documents for any single patient, it allows doctors, nurses, and other caregivers to easily access your medical history. It provides efficiency, stronger communication, and better, safer care for you at every touchpoint. You can access yours at any time.

At Mass General Brigham, our goal is to keep your medical history in one electronic health record across the system and throughout your lifetime.

Members & affiliates

The best hands, hearts, and minds in medicine

When we combine our resources and talents, we can have the greatest impact for patients and the communities we serve. Together with our member institutions and affiliates, we deliver life-changing care across New England, and beyond.