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Participate in Research

We know the importance of research and innovation, and our patients' role in it. Our founding hospitals have a long tradition of medical breakthroughs, and you can be a part of the next discovery.

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Clinical studies & research

Rally with Mass General Brigham

You can be a part of the next discovery. Almost every treatment, test, drug, or medical device is a result of successful research, dependent on patients like you. Volunteering for research is a way to contribute to knowledge about health and disease. Some research studies pay you for your time.

Visit our Rally with Mass General Brigham website to find clinical research studies that meet your interests. You can save a search or sign up for weekly e-mails to receive the latest information about studies looking for volunteers.

3,700 clinical trials

currently ongoing

Research Navigator Office

If you would like to speak with someone about participating in research or joining a research study at Mass General Brigham, you can contact the Research Navigator Office at 857-282-5370 to get answers to your questions. 

As a patient at Mass General Brigham, you have access to even more opportunities than the general public to learn about research. Our researchers might contact you about studies that you may be interested in and you can decide if you want to learn more or participate in the study. Your care will not be affected, whether or not you choose to join a research study. If you are a patient at Mass General Brigham and wish to opt out of hearing about these studies, you can contact the Research Navigator Office at 857-282-5370.


The Biobank is a large research program designed to help researchers learn how someone’s health is affected by their genes, lifestyle, and environment. By participating, you can help us better understand, treat, and even prevent the diseases that might affect your health and that of future generations.

All of Us

All of Us, a program of the National Institutes of Health, is a research community of one million people who share their unique health data, enabling researchers to gain better insights into the biological, environmental, and behavioral factors that influence health and disease.

It aims to engage a community of participants that reflects the diversity of America, including many people who haven’t taken part in medical research before. We welcome participants both healthy and sick, of all backgrounds and walks of life, from all regions across the country.

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COVID-19 studies

Researchers across our system are working on COVID-19 projects to help understand this novel virus and the impact on our health. Join the investigation.