Mass General Brigham Calls for Passage of Massachusetts Environmental Bill

Bill will Address Public Health Inequities Among Low Income and Communities of Color

Photo of air pollution over highway

Mass General Brigham is proud to join a diverse group of companies from across Massachusetts calling for the passage of a crucial environmental justice bill. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the connection between environmental health and human health was made clear. For low income and communities of color, air pollution and environmental hazards have a disproportionate impact on the health, economic well-being and safety of these communities due to a lack of policy protections and stakeholder engagement. The bill, An Act Relative to Environmental Justice, will work to: 

  • protect communities from more pollution
  • increase equitable access to government and information
  • reduce public health inequities

Passing this legislation is crucial to addressing existing inequities and supporting environmental justice communities as we recover and rebuild from COVID-19. For more information visit the Environmental League of Massachusetts website.