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At Mass General Brigham, we’re solving the world’s hardest problems in medicine. For one patient at a time, and for the millions more we’ll never see.

One of America’s most renowned health systems for medical research

Research is the driving force that advances medicine. It leads to greater understanding, knowledge, and the ability to change patients’ lives, including those we’ll never see.

Our teams of investigators bring forth new and effective ways to diagnose, prevent, and cure disease. With nearly $2 billion in research activity, Mass General Brigham is a leader in medical research and discovery. Currently, there are over 2,700 ongoing clinical trials, including nearly 100 for COVID-19.

We are driven by compassion and a will to achieve.

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Care during COVID-19

Learn more about what actions we're taking to ensure safety for patients, employees, and the community.

Connecting where you are

Virtual care, also known as telehealth, is changing the future of health care. Use virtual care to connect with your provider in a convenient, collaborative way on any digital device.

Changing lives. Saving lives. Making discoveries in health, science, and medicine.

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