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A Day in the Life of Mass General Brigham Home Hospital Paramedic Katie Capuccio

Paramedic Katie Capuccio describes a typical day providing inpatient-level care in the homes of local patients as part of Mass General Brigham's Home Hospital team.

Mobile integrated paramedic Katie Capuccio shares details about a typical day seeing Mass General Brigham Home Hospital patients as part of the Mass General Brigham Emergency Medical Services team. Katie's story highlights the incredible contributions of our paramedics and how our systemwide ambulance service enhances the care we provide to patients. 

Capuccio drives to Hyde Park to visit a recently admitted 63-year-old three-year survivor of lung cancer who’s come down with pneumonia. He is a doting grandfather and a heavy machinery operator who just started a new job, so he’s eager to get back on track, barbequing at family picnics and back to work. He was admitted to Faulkner as an inpatient there for two days and then was offered the option to continue his inpatient care in Home Hospital.

“I’d never heard of it – I was leery of it – and then I called my Brigham and Women’s doctor here in Hyde Park and his team said, ‘If they offer you Home Hospital, hop on it.’ It made me feel more comfortable. I have a lot of faith in my doctor – he saved my life, when I had lung cancer,” says the patient.

Gesturing at the cuff on his arm and the technology hub plugged in nearby, the patient says, “The system [remote patient monitoring from Current Health] made me feel more comfortable, knowing I was being monitored. After the first night, when there were a few calls to check on me while they learned about my sleep patterns and my oxygen, things calmed down and now I don’t even notice it’s there. I’d rather be home than in [the facility] – you can eat your own, good food.”

For this patient, they’re keeping an eye on his white blood count, and oxygen, to better understand how his recovery from pneumonia is going. He feels better, but the labs aren’t reflecting that yet, so he will stay in Home Hospital at least for another couple days. Tonight, the nurse practitioner will visit virtually, during his last visit of the day and review his lab results with him.

MGB EMS team is integral to the Home Hospital model

In the last two years as the Home Hospital has grown from a daily census of single digits to a capacity of 50 as of March, the success of the program has relied heavily on the enormous value that the paramedics bring to this new way of delivering care in the home. Mobile Integrated Health paramedics are licensed to deliver care in ways that are different from and compliment what nurses, doctors, and advance practice providers like nurse practitioners do, and together, all the Home Hospital roles help ensure the seamless experience for patients.

Overall, Executive Director of MGB Ambulance Services Sean Kukauskas says, “Katie and the other paramedics, EMTs, chair car staff and communications specialists are all focused on being patient-centered in their work. I think that’s why they get such satisfaction out of the roles in MGB Ambulance Services. We are very excited to be growing and providing new opportunities for people pursuing EMS in our region. Annual recognition during EMS Week is a great way to call attention to these roles and show our appreciation.”


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