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Paul Anderson, MD, PhD

Interim Chief Academic Officer

Paul Anderson, MD, PhD headshot

Dr. Paul Anderson is currently serving as the acting Chief Academic Officer at Mass General Brigham managing a ~ $2B research enterprise and is the Dean of the Faculty at Mass General Brigham for Harvard Medical School. He is also the Austen Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and serves as the SVP of Research and Education and Chief Academic Officer at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. As acting Chief Academic Officer, he oversees several key system-wide departments, including Human Subjects Affairs, Clinical Trials Office, Research Management, Research IS Computing, Data Science Office, Personalized Medicine, Gene and Cell Therapy Institute, and Graduate Medical Education.

He has earned an international reputation in the area of post-transcriptional control of gene expression during stress and inflammatory responses. He discovered that a prion-related, low complexity domain in the RNA-binding protein TIA1 promotes a liquid phase transition leading to the assembly of stress granule (SGs), a class of membranless organelle that organizes cellular components and has been implicated in the pathogenesis of neurodegenerative disease. His related discovery that angiogenin (ANG)-induced tRNA fragments (tiRNAs) target the translation machinery to re-program gene expression and promote cell survival has been linked to motor neuron survival. He identified a tiRNA analogue with neuroprotective properties that is being developed for first in human studies in patients with ALS.

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