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Mass General Brigham and MIT collaborate to host AI Cures Conference

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At Mass General Brigham, we are committed to bringing life-changing breakthroughs, including those in artificial intelligence, to the care of our patients. We’re grateful to be working alongside MIT in this commitment. Innovation in AI is truly revolutionizing the ways in which the entire healthcare industry is thinking about the future of medicine.

Anne Klibanski, MD

President and Chief Executive Officer

Mass General Brigham

Imagine an advance in medicine so powerful, it helps to predict if a patient will have lung cancer – up to six years in advance. This is just one example of the exciting work presented at the AI Cures Conference yesterday, hosted by Mass General Brigham and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Researchers from both organizations gathered in-person to demonstrate and discuss the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies on patient care. The goal of the conference is to facilitate the translation and adoption of AI technologies for improving diagnostics, treatment and long-term outcomes for diverse patient populations. The sessions featured ongoing collaborations between Mass General Brigham and MIT clinicians and researchers, highlighting AI innovations and their impact on patient care. 

Sessions featuring Mass General Brigham speakers covered a diversity of topics. Lecia Sequist, MD, MPH, presented Sybil, the AI model that can predict lung cancer risk years in advance. Ipsit Vahia, MD, shared how AI can be used to find solutions to better detect diseases like dementia in its early stages. Collin Stultz, MD, PhD, discussed the role of AI in helping to integrate the many data streams for cardiovascular care. Eighty posters spanning four different categories in clinical AI were on display during a poster session and attendees had the opportunity to pose questions to speakers from Mass General Brigham, MIT and a representative from the Food and Drug Administration. 

Organizers expect this conference will lead to further collaboration between MIT and Mass General Brigham in developing AI solutions in patient care.