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Our Top 5 Innovator Stories of 2023

As we bid farewell to another transformative year, the Mass General Brigham Innovation team is proud to reflect on the remarkable strides made in healthcare innovation in 2023. From groundbreaking research to cutting-edge technologies, Mass General Brigham remains at the forefront of shaping the future of healthcare.

We invite you to join us in revisiting our five most-read innovator stories of 2023. Our innovators aren't just scientists in labs; they are architects of change, tirelessly working to enhance the quality of patient care. These stories spotlight the incredible talent and dedication of the innovators within the Mass General Brigham system. We hope you will enjoy reading. Happy Holidays!

5. Brigham Fellow’s Skull-Mounted Precision Device Aims to Increase Access, Lower Costs for Surgery

Neurosurgeon Walid Ibn Essayed's innovative skull-mounted device promises to revolutionize brain surgery precision. Utilizing intraoperative CTs at lower cost, it aims to streamline procedures and enhance patient care, marking a significant leap in neurosurgery innovation.

4. Mass Eye and Ear Scientist Identifies Molecule Unlocking Glaucoma

A groundbreaking molecule discovered by Dr. Dong Feng Chen holds the potential to cure glaucoma, redefining the disease as autoimmune. The emergence of FireCyte, a biotech company, co-founded by Chen, signals a new frontier in neurodegenerative disease therapies, offering hope beyond glaucoma. 

3. Anesthesiologist’s Novel Platform Expedites Healthcare AI Research

Unlocking the potential of AI in healthcare, Dr. Vesela Kovacheva's Medical Record Longitudinal Information AI System (MERLIN) revolutionizes data processing, reducing research time and fostering impactful discoveries. From predicting preeclampsia to revealing disparities in care, MERLIN's versatility demonstrates its transformative role in shaping the future of patient outcomes.

2. New Study Finds Holidays as Peak Times for Domestic Violence Injuries  

Radiologist Bharti Khurana's cutting-edge research on intimate partner violence delves into the timing of altercations, leveraging data from 100 U.S. hospitals over a 12-year period. Discover how her findings, including heightened incidents during holidays, are paving the way for AI algorithms to enable early detection and intervention.

1. Mindfulness App, Used to Help Youths Who Ruminate, Proves Promising

McLean Investigator, Christian Webb, PhD, pioneers a trailblazing study using predictive AI to identify adolescents at risk of depression. Webb's research aims to revolutionize mental health intervention by leveraging machine learning to tailor personalized treatments for teens struggling with rumination and negative thinking.