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Cardiac Surgery at Mass General Brigham

Our board-certified cardiac surgeons perform the full range of surgical procedures for heart disease, from traditional coronary bypasses to the latest developments in minimally invasive procedures. Patients come from all over the world to receive care from our physicians. 

cardiac surgeron talking to patient

About cardiac surgery care

Mass General Brigham cardiac surgery is among the best in the world and home to renowned cardiovascular experts. We are leaders in research and medical discoveries, clinical trials, and technology. Experience matters. With more than 3,000 cardiac procedures performed every year, our surgeons have clinical outcomes and success rates that are unparalleled.

We provide a seamless experience, from diagnosis to surgery to recovery and rehabilitation. We ensure each patient is able to access the care they need quickly and at a location convenient to them. We collaborate closely with our cardiology colleagues and other interdisciplinary specialists across the Mass General Brigham system. Our care teams align on individualized, detailed treatment plans for each patient, ensuring the best possible results. 

Cardiac surgery is very complex and requires a team approach, and we have that across our system. Mass General Brigham is unique in its ability to provide the access, the research, the experience, the outcomes, and the quality for our patients.

Thor Sundt, MD
Director, Cardiac Surgery Clinical Service
Mass General Brigham Heart

3000+ procedures

performed by our surgeons each year

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Understanding Heart Surgery

Thor Sundt, MD, director of the Cardiac Surgery Clinical Service at Mass General Brigham Heart, explains the symptoms of coronary artery disease and how to prepare for heart surgery.

Breakthrough research and innovative cardiac procedures

Our cardiac surgeons and specialists are at the forefront of clinical innovation, bringing clinical discoveries directly to their patients. Whether it’s first-of-their-kind procedures or operating on high-risk patients who were turned down for care at other hospitals, we help patients get back to living their lives with confidence.

Learn more about the latest research and clinical advances from Mass General Brigham:

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