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Change of Arrival Date Submitted.

Thank you for updating our office about your arrival date in the U.S. 

Next Steps:

  1. If your visa application is pending with the American Embassy/Consulate, please allow the application to continue.
  2. Our office will confirm that your U.S. hospital approves the new start date you requested.
  3. After your U.S. hospital approves the change in your program start date, our office requires a processing time of approximately 2 weeks to generate the updated DS-2019.
  4. Your SEVIS Identification Number will remain the same on the updated DS-2019.
  5. Our office will mail the updated DS-2019 to you.  If you have J-2 family dependents, updated DS-2019s will also be included for your J-2 family.
  6. We will send you an email when your updated DS-2019 is mailed.
  7. Use the updated DS-2019 to enter the U.S.