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Maintaining F-1 Visa Status

F-1 visa status is designed for full-time students who plan to study at an accredited college or university in the United States.

Training or employment authorization in F-1 status

You must obtain authorization from your international student advisor (Designated School Official, DSO) at your university to be an intern or trainee, participate in a professional environment, or work. Participating in any training or work without authorization can have serious negative consequences on your visa status.

Please ask your hiring department to contact HR if you have questions about completing Form I-983 for a STEM extension.

Additional resources:

Change of visa status

Every Mass General Brigham hospital department has a designated administrative contact who coordinates the department's visa sponsorship requests. The Administrative Contact will act as the liaison with the Mass General Brigham Office for Global Professionals and Scholars (GPS) to request a change of visa status on your behalf. Please discuss a possible change of status with your supervisor and administrative contact eight months before your F-1 work authorization expires. 

Note that not all jobs are eligible for future sponsorship once F-1 status ends.

Although you may receive an I-797 approval notice from USCIS, you will remain in F-1 status until the new status’ start date. You will need to abide by all rules and regulations relating to your current status.