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For Every Patient

Mass General Brigham’s commitment to delivering high-quality, personalized care rooted in equity.

Young doctor with patient and tablet
For every patient

At Mass General Brigham, we believe healthcare’s next miracle cure is quality. Now more than ever, we must deliver the best possible outcomes for every patient who needs us.

Our hospitals and clinical care sites work together as one system, with a single approach to quality that focuses on the essential elements of care.

For Every Patient is Mass General Brigham’s unified quality strategy that seeks to achieve the best possible for every patient who needs us, every time they need us, from the common to the complex, from the hospital to the home.

Our vision for quality

Now more than ever, patients need high-quality, personalized care rooted in equity. Learn more about how we are delivering on this vision for quality.

Our commitment to high-quality care

Across Mass General Brigham, our academic medical centers, community hospitals and clinical care sites work together to elevate our commitment to quality in ways that are proven to make the biggest difference in the lives of the patients we serve.

Working together, we will pursue improvements across four key areas over the next five years:

  • Effective care for every patient, by ensuring patients receive recommended preventive services, reducing cardiovascular disease burden and optimizing management of depression and in-hospital survival.

  • Safe care for every patient, by ensuring appropriate follow-up on key clinically significant results and referrals and reducing hospital-acquired infections and preventable adverse events.

  • Equitable care for every patient, by achieving equity in blood pressure control, substance use overdose, C-sections for low-risk pregnancies, and colorectal cancer screening and treatment. 

  • A personalized experience for every patient by optimizing communication between clinicians and patients, timely access to care, and improving integration of care.