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Tuition and Fees

Students are responsible for the following tuition and fees for the 10-month MLS program. This includes a one-time nonrefundable fee due upon accepting your offer of admission and program tuition. Students should also budget for added expenses such as uniforms, textbooks, and transportation and parking to and from the training program and clinical rotation.

Fees and due dates for 2023

  • Acceptance fee: $100, due 2 weeks after date of acceptance letter
  • Program tuition: $2,500, due 1 month prior to program start date
  • Textbooks & education supplies: $600, estimated cost based on current textbook pricing
  • Transportation & parking: Variable, vary based on mode of transportation and clinical site

Estimated cost of 10-month program: $3,200

Contact us

Contact us

Jennifer Nicoloro, PhD, MLS (ASCP)CM
Program Director
221 Longwood Ave., EBRC 420-421
Boston, MA 02115