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Integrated Healthcare Data Research

The Center for Integrated Healthcare Data Research was founded to build a data infrastructure that hosts and links a variety of long-term outcome data sources to electronic health records (EHR) from Mass General Brigham to make them available for clinical effectiveness research. 

research viewing scans on a tablet

Our center’s goal is to bridge high-quality data research with clinicians and researchers for timely and high-impact scientific discovery.  

Mass General Brigham researchers and their collaborators can access our Center’s compiled data through a user-friendly interface with self-service analytics infrastructure.

We’ve built and actively maintain an administrative infrastructure that ensures cost-effective use of the linked long-term outcome data sources in compliance with the data use agreements for third party-owned data.  

Thousands of electronic health records, stored by Mass General Brigham, are staged by our team into structured data, free-text notes, and reports; concurrently, insurance claims data are likewise stored and staged. The electronic health records, now prepared, are linked to the insurance claims data. Claims data has full capture of natural history of disease, medication exposure, health outcomes and other intrinsic statistics. This linkage of valuable data is standardized by our team’s process including programming of algorithms and establishment of research study-specific cohorts. Throughout this phase of data preparation and processing, compliance is executed in conjunction with HIPAA. Our research teams, physician groups and clients register for privileged access to our exclusive Client Working Area via its user-friendly platform in order to access data to support their research studies.  

In addition to making self-service access available, our group provides world-class Study Implementation Support via expanded services and customized services. Resulting reports help improve medical care from identifying which medical interventions display higher success rates based on patient biomarker profiles or other indicators, and more.

Our data research contributes to the quality and efficacy of medical care.