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Ankle Replacement Surgery

With expertise in the full spectrum of ankle conditions and injuries, including ankle replacements, our teams use cutting-edge and minimally invasive technologies in foot and ankle care, including shockwave therapy, plasma and ultrasound-guided injections, pressure foot mapping and 3D imaging to provide our ankle patients with optimal outcomes and recovery.

Provider examining a patient’s foot and ankle region

Our expertise in ankle replacements

The Mass General Brigham orthopedic surgery team has extensive experience in caring for patients with advanced ankle conditions that may lead to ankle replacements.

Ankle replacement surgery, also known as total ankle arthroplasty, is a common treatment for end-stage arthritis. Ankle replacement is an option for relatively healthy patients with debilitating ankle arthritis due to trauma, gout, inflammatory arthritis or other conditions that impair ankle joint integrity and function. It may also be an option for a chronically painful ankle when non-surgical treatments have proven ineffective.

Ankle replacement, or total ankle arthroplasty, compares favorably with other surgical treatments for end-stage ankle arthritis, such as ankle fusion, in terms of preserving range-of-motion and reducing pain. Since it can be performed in an outpatient setting, you may be able to leave the hospital the same day as your procedure.

If your doctor believes you may be a candidate for ankle replacement, our foot and ankle experts can evaluate your ankle arthritis to determine the extent of damage as well as appropriate treatment options. Working closely with you, we will then develop a treatment and rehabilitation plan that honors your personal goals and returns you to activities as quickly and safely as possible. 

Pioneering ankle research

The Mass General Foot and Ankle Research and Innovation Lab (FARIL) is a groundbreaking initiative focused on pioneering breakthroughs in foot and ankle research. FARIL focuses on both common and complex foot and ankle injuries, including fifth metatarsal fractures, syndesmotic instability and Lisfranc injuries.

Today, researchers at FARIL are pioneering new imaging techniques to create a dynamic picture of the foot and ankle. Emerging technology like portable ultrasound will allow physicians to accurately diagnose the injuries that would have previously been difficult, or even impossible, to recognize without surgery. We are developing new treatment methods and testing new instruments like fracture fixation tools and Achilles tendon repair devices. New arthroplasty techniques and equipment are being tested with the goal of improving and perfecting surgical techniques for ankle replacements. We are studying biomechanics to minimize surgical invasiveness, improve surgical technique and reduce recovery time. These are just some of the ways FARIL leads the way in foot and ankle care and research.

Advances in Orthopedic Diagnosis Using Artificial Intelligence

Soheil Ashkani-Esfahani, MD, discusses the latest diagnostic advances made by the hospital's Foot & Ankle Research and Innovation Laboratory (FARIL).

Our ankle surgery team

Meet Mass General Brigham's multidisciplinary team of foot and ankle experts.

Minimally Invasive Foot and Ankle Surgery

Mass General orthopedic surgeon Daniel Guss, MD, MBA, discusses the unique roles minimally invasive surgery has the ankle replacement surgery.

Ankle replacement for international patients

Each year, thousands of patients from more than 120 countries travel to Mass General Brigham for medical care, second opinions and treatments unavailable anywhere else in the world. 

Mass General Brigham orthopedic teams are experienced in caring for complex ankle and ankle replacement patients who are traveling great distances to our hospitals in Boston. Your medical team here and our international patient services team will help you prepare for and plan the appropriate amount of time to stay in Boston before and after your treatment or surgery. During this recovery time in Boston, our clinical team will monitor your healing and medications and prepare you for the rehabilitation stage of your care. Your Mass General Brigham care team will work with you and your providers at home to ensure you receive the properly scheduled follow-up appointments and a rehab physical therapy program that is right for you.

Many of our international patients have questions about everything from travel and lodging to scheduling appointments. Our international patient services team is here to help. We look forward to making your Mass General Brigham experience as healing and stress-free as possible.