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Cancer Care

Mass General Brigham provides expert, multidisciplinary care for cancer patients. With advanced treatments often unavailable elsewhere in the world, thousands of international patients journey to our cancer team for their care. 

Providers in an operating room view patient scans on monitor

We’re here for you

For international patients who are facing cancer, we at Mass General Brigham are here for you with advanced treatments, specialty expertise and a compassionate dedication to your care. Our multidisciplinary approach to cancer care means that for each patient, we bring together a team of doctors who specialize in your particular cancer. This team collaborates on all aspects of your cancer care throughout your cancer journey.

At Mass General Brigham, our patients find comfort in knowing their doctors are leading groundbreaking research, clinical trials, and pioneering advanced cancer treatments often unavailable anywhere else in the world. 

Our cancer expertise

Mass General Brigham cancer doctors offer world-class treatments in all sub-types of cancer for both adult and pediatric patients. For your convenience, we list below the cancers for which we most often receive and care for international patients. If you are facing a cancer not listed below, rest assured we have a team of doctors specialized in your cancer. For any cancer needs, please explore the pages below and contact our international patient services team to help you begin your care journey at Mass General Brigham. 

"Road to recovery" brain tumor story

Jane, a resident of Bermuda, came to Mass General Brigham, after an MRI revealed a brain tumor. 

two male surgeons performing surgery on patient in operating room

The search for a full remission

Liu Ming had spent almost 5 years receiving treatment for multiple myeloma, never able to fully get rid of the cancer. Hoping to achieve complete remission, he turned to Mass General Brigham and the Mass General Cancer Center.

Myeloma cells under a microscope

Leading edge cancer treatments

Overview of CAR T-Cell Therapy

Kiss 108 FM’s Billy Costa talks with four experts from the Mass General Cancer Center to learn about what CAR T-cell therapy is and what impact it has on both patients and the medical community.