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Quality and Patient Safety

Our greatest priority is to deliver top-quality, safe care to every patient. Our quality and patient safety team leads all efforts related to measuring, assessing, and reporting quality and safety data at Mass General Brigham hospitals. We also help to implement consistent, evidence-based policies and practices across the system to ensure that the care our patients receive meets the highest of standards every time.

Doctors on the quality and safety team observe heart monitoring on screens

Striving for the highest quality and safest experience for every patient

The quality and patient safety team at Mass General Brigham leads the comprehensive assessment, evaluation, and reporting on the patient safety and quality of care provided across all Mass General Brigham. Integral to that task is an ongoing effort to evolve how and what we measure to make sure we’re including the performance areas and clinical data that matters most to our patients and to their health such as complication rates, recovery times, readmission rates, impact on quality of life, and more.

A national leader in health care quality and patient safety

By constantly improving a measurement infrastructure that prioritizes critical, patient-centric quality and safety data, we are defining best practices for care and raising the standard of it across our system and the country. By making patient safety and quality care data available for all to access and understand, we are empowering patients to become experts in their own health care and make informed decisions in partnership with our providers.

Types of measures