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We have partnered with industry leaders to accelerate the impact of AI across all domains.

A woman in a darkened room analyzes medical scans on a bank of computer screens.

Artificial Intelligence for all

Mass General Brigham AI delivers innovative digital solutions to transform care delivery. To pursue our mission, we partner with industry leaders and Mass General Brigham researchers and clinicians to accelerate the impact of AI across all domains of health care.

GE Healthcare

Mass General Brigham and GE Healthcare have a 10-year collaboration to integrate Artificial Intelligence into every aspect of the patient journey. Our initial focus is on developing AI solutions that will be integrated into CT and MR scanners, as well as into PACS workstations in radiology reading rooms everywhere. Mass General Brigham AI is combining world-class machine learning capabilities with Mass General Brigham’s wealth of clinician expertise to deliver high-impact AI solutions rapidly. 

GE is working closely with the Mass General Brigham AI to implement AI models into real-world scenarios as quickly as they are validated. Together, we are able to drive enhanced patient care at a pace previously impossible. 


Mass General Brigham AI and NVIDIA are working together to create a future in which patient care is enhanced through the use of artificial intelligence. We are building a state-of-the-art deep learning datacenter with NVIDIA’s expertise and their high-performance GPU resources to train neural networks on medicine’s toughest problems.

Nuance Communications

Mass General Brigham and Nuance Communications are strategic partners in optimizing the process for rapid development, validation, and utilization of artificial intelligence (AI) for radiologists. The collaboration is focused on improving radiologists’ efficiency and report quality, as well as patient clinical outcomes. Nuance and Mass General Brigham work together, along with other key supporters of the Nuance AI Marketplace for Diagnostic Imaging, including NVIDIA and the American College of Radiology. The collective will continue to foster the democratization of Imaging AI, with an emphasis on automating many of the mundane and repetitive tasks radiologists face daily.

FUJIFILM SonoSite, Inc.

FUJIFILM SonoSite, Inc. and Mass General Brigham established a strategic relationship to apply artificial intelligence to improve the utility and functionality of portable ultrasound. The two organizations collaborate to enhance ultrasound technology with AI to enable clinicians to perform scans at the point-of-care, further expanding the accessibility of this technology for clinicians and their patients. The collaboration is executed through Mass General Brigham AI and leverages the extensive data assets, computational infrastructure, and clinical expertise of the Mass General Brigham system. The first project under the collaboration targets complex emergency medicine procedures using AI-enabled portable ultrasound, reducing the time delay between trauma and diagnosis. This will translate to faster interventions and improved outcomes.

Affiliates Program

Mass General Brigham AI works closely with faculty who serve as scientific directors and senior clinical investigators, leading and collaborating on projects with our industry partners.

In addition, we rely on subject-matter experts and advisors who help verify market or clinical relevance of project concepts.