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Our aim is to bring clinically meaningful products to market.

Our product development team (PDT) serve as the liaison between industry collaborators, machine learning scientists, and clinical experts working together to improve patient care. Our interdisciplinary teams develop software products (e.g., SaMD) through industry sponsored co-development partnerships.

Why choose us? 

  • End-to-end product development capabilities 
  • World-class clinical expertise 
  • Leading data science researchers 
  • Cutting-edge compute infrastructure 
  • Advanced data science-based approaches (e.g., machine learning, deep learning) in the development of diagnostic algorithms, predictive tools and solutions for hospital operations. 

Offerings and capabilities

Service offerings range from product ideation to SaMD development.

Product design and market fit

  • Product ideation
  • Clinical needs assessment
  • Definition of product features and performance metrics
  • Deployment considerations and workflow analysis
  • Preparation of initial quality documentation (e.g., user needs assessment, design and development plan)

Data curation and labeling

  • Definition of inclusion and exclusion criteria for cohort selection
  • Dataset creation, including (but not limited to) EHR, imaging and waveform data elements
  • Data aggregation, curation, and de-identification
  • Data annotation and QA

AI product development and model refinement

  • Model training
  • Model verification/testing
  • Model containerization
  • Software engineering
  • GPU computing infrastructure

Quality Management System (QMS)

ANAB Accredited logoOur mission is to develop innovative products and provide clinical research support, using effective and compliant solutions to optimize data quality and meet our customers’ needs. 

We provide our customers with a service in accordance with a pre-defined scope of tasks, agreed costing structure, and proposed timeline. 

We are committed to complying with the regulatory needs of customers and achieving customer satisfaction through the use and continual improvement of quality procedures as part of an ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System. 

Project portfolio

Project portfolio by model category

Clinical apps make up 80 percent of our project portfolio, followed by smart devices (15 percent) and operations (5 percent). 

Pie chart: Clinical apps 80%, smart devices 15%, operations 5%

Project portfolio by modality

Most of our project portfolio consists of MRI-related modalities, making up 30 percent of our portfolio. CT makes up 25 percent, while another 25 percent consists of other imaging (i.e., PET, X-ray, mammography, digital breast tomosynthesis, EKG, echo, EHR). Ultrasound makes up 20 percent of our project portfolio.

Pie chart: MRI 30%, CT 25%, other 25%, ultrasound 20%. Other includes PET, X-ray, mammogram, digital breast tomography, EKG, echocardiogram, EHR.

Project portfolio by organ system/condition

Our projects include cardiology (20 percent), brain (20 percent), breast (10 percent), and spine (10 percent). Forty percent is various organs (i.e., abdomen, adrenal, kidney, liver, prostrate, uterine). 

Pie chart: Other 40%, cardio 20%, brain 20%, breast 10%, spine 10%. Other includes abdomen, adrenal, kidney, liver, lung, prostate, uterine.