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Biobank Genomics Core

Quotes, Order Placement, and Account Access

Ready to place an order for testing with Biobank Genomics Core? 

Start a project

If you are a Mass General Brigham researcher, you can start a project with the Biobank Genomics Core at Personalized Medicine by submitting a batch order before submitting samples via our customer portal, Gateway for Integration of Genomic-Proteomic Applications and Data (GIGPAD).

You must have a valid purchase order or PeopleSoft number.

If you are an external researcher, please email us for more information on how to start a project.

Getting started

For quotes and customer inquiries, please email us.

To submit samples, please first place a GIGPAD batch order. Once this is created, please contact us prior to bringing samples over. We generally receive samples Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m.–4:00 p.m. Please bring all GIGPAD batch paperwork with you.

Please contact us on days surrounding federal and local holidays to ensure the lab is staffed to accept samples.

Personalized Medicine Biobank Genomics Core is located at:

65 Landsdowne St., 3rd floor
Cambridge, MA 02139-4232

Frequently asked questions

Gateway for Integration of Genomic-Proteomic Applications and Data (GIGPAD) is a platform for managing sample processing and genetic services. GIGPAD is the software application that is used to place orders.

If you have a GIGPAD account, please log in to it.

To request a login to GIGPAD:

Principal investigators (PI) should select the option that says, “I am a principal investigator” and then click “Submit.” Fill out the information and click “Submit Access Request.”

Researchers should select the option that says, “I am a researcher who works for one or more principal investigators” and then click “Submit.” Input your own information as well as the information for your PIs and click “Submit Access Request.”

Within a few hours you will receive a temporary password via the email you provided. Upon logging in again, you may change the password. We ask that you please do not share this password and login with anyone. You may proceed to set up your order and/or create a study to contain multiple, associated orders.

Sample names in the “Sample Submission” form that is uploaded in GIGPAD should only contain alphabetic characters, numbers, and underscores. It should not contain spaces, dots, or dashes. Please limit sample names to 24 characters or less. This ensures that the detection and any downstream analysis pipeline processes run smoothly.

There is information that is required for all orders/batches, such as:

  • Facility — sequencing, genotyping, biosample services, expression analysis
  • Order type — varies by facility
  • PI — order's owner
  • Primary contact — PI or researcher listed as primary contact
  • Funding type — fee for service, grant funded, internal R&D, etc.
  • Sample classification — research, other, unknown
  • Funding source — PO or PeopleSoft Number and allocation for billing purposes

There is also information that will vary depending on the order type and facility, for example:

  • Sample(s) information and details
  • Services requested
  • Shipping information

The terms “batch” and “order” are used interchangeably in GIGPAD. Both are transactional units comprised of a collection of samples and services or tests to be applied to these samples. Currently, a study is required to place batches for sequencing, genotyping, and sample processing services.

Expression analysis batches can be submitted without a study. Batches are owned by a PI and can be placed by the PI or any researcher associated with the PI's studies. A batch is identified by a unique number generated upon submission. This number should be used by PIs and researchers to request information about the batch, such as status, results, data files, etc.

The only facility that allows you to create a batch without a study is the expression analysis. For all other facilities, you must create a study to create a batch.

GIGPAD users must have access to an active Personalized Medicine study in order to find sample details. If you do have access to an active study, you may use one of the following two options to find your samples.

Option 1

  • Select the “Study” tab.
  • Select the “Subject/Specimen” tab.
  • Populate the available query filter with all available detail.

Option 2 (study associated with BioSample Facility at Personalized Medicine)

  • Select the “Study” tab.
  • Select the “Reports” tab.
  • Select the “Specimen Detail” link under “BSF.”
  • Populate the available query filter with all available detail.

You will be contacted when data is available. Depending on size, data will be available to view through GIGPAD, be available for download, or can be shipped to you on an external hard drive. Data will remain available from Personalized Medicine for three months.

All of Personalized Medicine’s facilities, with the exception Expression Analysis, require the creation of a study in GIGPAD in order to request services and submit samples.

Studies can be used for different purposes:

  • Grouping of samples for processing or analysis associated with a general IRB number with a unifying theme
  • Single PI with several investigators associated with the work. Studies allow setting up the PI/investigator(s) relationships and facilitate managing the data captured under the study. If new investigators join later on, they can be added to the study and access the data gathered easily.
  • Grouping of control vs. case samples. Investigators can create studies to help them group and organize their samples and data.

GIGPAD users who do not require a study should consider creating a study based on the above criteria. Please contact the manager for the group you will be working with to review your specific use case.

To place a study in GIGPAD:

  1. Log in to GIGPAD. If you do not have a log-in, see "How do I obtain a GIGPAD account?"
  2. Go to “Studies” and then “New Study.”
  3. Select the facility and PI for the study from the drop-down menu (if multiple options are available).
  4. Click on “Next Step Study Definition.”
  5. Fill out the information associated with this study: study name, description, and the associated researchers and IRB information.

The remaining steps are specific to the facility that the study is under. Click through these remaining steps and complete any necessary information.

If you need further assistance setting a study for a particular facility, please contact the Biobank Genomics Core team.

To obtain access to a study, the PI associated with the study should contact the Biobank Genomics Core team requesting that you be added to the study.

Your saved study is located on the “New Study” screen.

Click on the “Study” tab and then go to the “New Study” tab. Your saved study will be at the top of the screen, under “Continue a Saved Study.”

Please send your new account information to the Biobank Genomics Core team. It is not possible for you to update your account information online.