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Laboratory for Molecular Medicine

Working With Us

The Laboratory for Molecular Medicine (LMM) at Mass General Brigham Personalized Medicine offers genetic testing for various inherited diseases and disorders as well as genome sequencing.

Our process

The Laboratory for Molecular Medicine (LMM), a CLIA-certified clinical diagnostic laboratory through Personalized Medicine, offers genetic tests covering a wide range of complex and single gene disorders as well as genome sequencing. 

We are focused on providing the most comprehensive service for our clients by offering a large portfolio of tests.  

Expert clinical interpretation 

At LMM, we offer unparalleled clinical interpretation of genomic data. Our capabilities are built on an in-house bioinformatics team for data analysis and management, as well as licensed genetic counselors for expert interpretation of these data. The LMM maintains a close relationship with the GeneInsight® team of experts in support of genetic knowledge management and report generation in response to tests ordered.  

Ordering tests

A health care provider must order the test (i.e., geneticist, cardiologist, genetic counselor). A patient may not order a genetic test for themself.  

  1. Identify the appropriate requisition and consent form for the test being ordered (see disease-specific requisition forms below) 
  2. Complete the identified requisition and consent form for the test being ordered 
    New York State Residents only: In addition to the test requisition form, an informed test consent must also be reviewed with the ordering provider and signed by the patient 
  3. Collect sample to facilitate running of the test (see sample requirements info listed below).  
  4. Label sample and requisition form with at least 2 unique patient identifiers [name, date of birth, medical record number (MRN)]   
  5. Send the completed forms and sample to the LMM’s facility (see shipping information below) 
  6. Once testing is completed, the health care provider receives a report and discusses results and next steps 

Services and requisition forms 

Please send a completed requisition and consent form along with the sample(s) to the LMM. Access the required documentation on our individual testing pages.  

How to work with us

Sample types and specimen requirements

Below you will find outlined sample requirements for testing offered by LMM. Please note that for all specimens being sent to us, we require: 

  1. Label sample and completed requisition form with at least two unique patient identifiers (name, date of birth, medical record number) 
  2. Signed consent form 

Note that incomplete or missing paperwork may delay the start of testing. 

For all diagnostic and presymptomatic full gene or panel testing, sample requirements are either: 

  • 4-8 ml of whole blood (3–5ml for an infant) in a lavender top tube (K2EDTA or K3EDTA) 
  • 10 ug of DNA at a minimum concentration of 25 ng/ul (please provide DNA concentration)
    If providing DNA, please provide name and CLIA # of lab performing blood extraction 

For familial known variant and carrier testing, sample requirements are either: 

  • 4-8 ml of whole blood (3–5ml for an infant) in a lavender top tube (K2EDTA or K3EDTA) 
  • 10 ug of DNA at a minimum concentration of 25 ng/ul (please provide DNA concentration)
    If providing DNA, please provide name and CLIA # of lab performing blood extraction

A saliva or buccal swab sample. Please contact the lab at 617-768-8500 or for collection kits.

The LMM can offer testing on some post-mortem/autopsy specimens. Please contact the lab prior to sending any post-mortem or autopsy specimen. 

For all diagnostic, presymptomatic, and carrier testing sample options are: 

  • Blood 
    • Please ship frozen specimens on dry ice (thawing of previously frozen blood will greatly increase the likelihood of test failure) 
    • Preferred tube types include lavender (K2EDTA or K3EDTA), pink (K2EDTA), and yellow top 
    • We also can attempt testing on gray, tan, and white top blood tubes 

Important: Blood collection tubes containing clot activators or coagulants are not suitable for DNA testing. Samples shipped in these tubes will not be accepted. For specific questions about other acceptable sample types, please contact the lab. 

The LMM can offer testing for diagnostic genome sequencing and genomic screening. Please contact the lab prior to sending any specimen or to request premade kits. 

For all diagnostic, presymptomatic, and carrier testing sample options are: 

  • Blood (preferred): 4-8ml of whole blood collected in a lavender (K2EDTA or K3EDTA)) or pink (K2EDTA) tube 
  • DNA (please send only if blood is not available, and provide origin of sample): 5-10 µg extracted DNA at a concentration of 50 ng/µl in Tris-EDTA (TE) buffer with OD260/280 between 1.8-2.0
    • If providing DNA, please provide name and CLIA # of lab performing blood extraction 

Important: Do not send Formalin-Fixed Autopsy Tissue (lengthy formalin fixation typical of autopsies destroys the DNA). For more specific questions of other types of tissue, please contact the lab at 617-768-8500 or

Shipping information 

The laboratory accepts samples Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m ET. We do not accept samples on Saturdays, Sundays, or federal holidays.

For blood samples drawn on Fridays, please keep samples refrigerated and ship on the next business day. 

Labeled samples should be sent overnight at room temperature and accompanied by a completed requisition form with signed consent form. 

Please ship samples to the following address:

Laboratory for Molecular Medicine
Attention: Clinical Laboratory
65 Landsdowne Street
Cambridge, MA 02139 

Please follow specific regulations set, depending upon the courier service utilized. 

Cheek buccal swabs and saliva specimens can be sent through regular postal mail using the return envelope addressed to the LMM that is included with the kit. All blood, DNA, prenatal, and other specimens should not be shipped using regular postal mail and should be shipped by an overnight delivery service. 

No, the referring institution or send-out lab is responsible for coordinating and paying for the shipment of samples. The LMM will cover return shipping for specimen collection kits (buccal swab or saliva) sent directly to patients. 

For questions regarding shipping of samples, please phone the lab at 617-768-8500

Payment information 

The LMM offers several billing options for our clients and their patients; however, we do not bill insurance companies and are unable to begin testing without accurate billing information. Please refer to the below options: 

  1. Institutional billing: The LMM will bill the referring institution or an alternate facility 
  2. Pre-payment/patient pay: For direct patient billing, payment must be received before testing can begin. We accept checks (payable to Mass General Brigham Personalized Medicine), credit cards, money orders, and wire transfers. There is a $20.00 processing fee for insufficient check payments 
  3. International client payment options: International samples must be prepaid by check (payable to Mass General Brigham Personalized Medicine), credit card, money order, or wire transfer at time of sample submission. Testing cannot begin until payment is received and processed 

If you have questions about other forms of pre-payment, please contact our lab. 

For questions about wire instructions, please contact 617-768-8482 from 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. ET, Monday-Friday. 

If an order is to be cancelled, written notice of cancellation must be received by the LMM before 5:00 p.m. ET the next business day after the sample is received. Acceptable cancellation documentation should be sent as a written request to the laboratory.  

Cancellation orders received after that timeframe cannot be honored and the tests will be performed as scheduled, charges incurred, and reports issued. 

Please contact us at 617-768-8500 for revision requests and/or to confirm receipt of your cancellation request. 

Tests that do not meet financial responsibility criteria will be cancelled 48 hours after sample receipt. Once financial criteria are met, the test will be reaccessioned and processed. If financial responsibility is not established, the test will remain cancelled. 

Financial responsibility includes (but is not limited to): 

  • Self-pay samples without payment 
  • International samples without payment 
  • Financially abandoned samples 

Our reporting

At the LMM, we provide comprehensive, accurate, evidence-based reports that are clinically meaningful. We believe that high-quality clinical reports are essential for the integration of genetic knowledge into clinical practice. 

Our information technology (IT) platform – one of the most advanced systems in the industry – streamlines the management, sharing, and interpretation of vast amounts of genetic data. The system facilitates the process of generating concise, patient specific reports and helps the laboratory continuously improve its variant classification.

Our team of experts analyzes genomic data and then integrates their knowledge with data from scientific literature to develop the clinical report. Each report explains the clinical significance of the often-unique set of variants identified in a patient. 

Our reporting process ensures that physicians receive the highest-quality, evidence-based clinical report that can be directly applied to patient care. 

View a sample clinical report

Our policies

Informed consent and clinical information policy 

Below is a list of the LMM policies regarding informed consent and the collection of clinical information. For additional information or to discuss any of our policies in further detail, please contact the lab. 

By requesting testing from the LMM, the ordering provider indicates that he/she understands and accepts the policies of the LMM, as noted below, and has communicated these policies to the patient. 

  • Our testing process includes highly skilled technicians and advanced technology. As in any laboratory, there is a small possibility that the test will not work properly, or an error may occur 
  • Listed turn-around times (TATs) represent the typical TAT for a test but are not guaranteed 
  • If the requisition form is incomplete, and the health care provider cannot provide the required information, lab staff may need to contact patient(s) directly to obtain or verify the information needed to complete the form 
  • Test results, as well as any updates to those results, may become part of a patient’s permanent medical record (electronically or otherwise) or be made available (electronically or otherwise) to the ordering health care institution and its health care team 
  • Results will only be released to the ordering provider and other providers listed on the requisition form. The ordering provider assumes the responsibility to disclose the test results and direct care as appropriate 

Blood or other samples sent to the LMM may be used by Mass General Brigham, by medical organizations connected to Mass General Brigham, or by educational or business organizations approved by Mass General Brigham for research, education, and other activities that support its mission, without your/the patient’s specific consent. Other types of research performed in association with the LMM require that we obtain consent from the patient (see requisition form). 

Each requisition form must contain an ordering provider signature. 

Massachusetts State Law requires that: 

“A laboratory receiving a request to conduct a genetic test from a facility … may conduct the requested test only when the request is accompanied by a signed statement of the medical practitioner ordering the test warranting that the appropriate prior written consent has been obtained from the patient.” 

Download a patient consent form. It does not need to be returned to the LMM.  

In addition to the test requisition form, an informed test consent must also be reviewed with the ordering provider and signed by the patient.

The LMM requests at least a minimal amount of clinical information to define an indication for testing on all patients for which testing is ordered. The LMM requests clinical information to: 

  • Provide accurate test result interpretations 
  • Determine if familial variant test results are consistent with variant interpretations 
  • Provide the best clinical sensitivity data for our tests 

If clinical information is not included on the requisition form or provided previously, LMM may contact you to provide this information prior to the reporting of test results.

If genome sequencing is performed more than one year ago, LMM will offer indication-based re-analysis free of charge one time. 

If genome sequencing was performed less than one year ago for indication-based or any time for non-indication-based genome screening re-analysis cost is below. 

Re-interpretation service Price CPT code Test code
Expanded Genome Screening  $1,950 81427 WGSpnlHv3_L 
Genome Sequencing - Indication based offering  $3,350 81427 WGSpnlIv3_L