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Graduate Medical Education

Resources for Leaders Starting a Program

Training program directors and program coordinators play a pivotal role in the educational mission of the Mass General Brigham hospitals. New programs require the approval of GME and/or the Mass General Brigham Graduate Medical Education Committee.

Process and application

The process of starting a GME program requires input from the GME office and education committees.

Proposals for new residencies and/or fellowship programs are reviewed and approved by the GME Office on behalf of the Mass General Brigham Graduate Medical Education Committee. 

More information on new program development, including the Part 1 application form, can be found on the GME SharePoint site (login required), which is accessible to all Mass General Brigham employees. 

Part 1: Description of overall program, including rationale, structure, high-level description of curriculum, and confirmation that you have obtained Residency Program Director (if the application is for a fellowship), Fellowship Program Director(s) as applicable, Chief/Chair and hospital VP approval.

Part 2: More detailed information about the program, including curriculum.

Note: A program must receive Part 1 approval from the GME Office before developing the Part 2 application. If preliminary approval is granted then the GME staff will help guide you in developing the program curriculum, evaluation tools, etc., that will need to be reviewed as you seek final approval for the program. Please allow 6 months for this process and note that recruitment to a GME fellowship program cannot be undertaken until/unless the program is approved.

  • Review the Mass General Brigham Integration Guidelines and consider with colleagues at Mass General Brigham affiliates the possibility of creating this as an integrated program.
  • Provide a copy of this brief Part 1 application and discuss the proposed fellowship with:
    • the core residency (and, if relevant, core fellowship) program director
    • fellowship program directors of any overlapping subspecialties (if applicable)
    • the division chief (The division chief and department chair will be asked later to comment about the proposal.)
  • Provide a copy to the hospital Vice President who works with your department.
  • Letters of support from both the Department Chair and the Department Vice President need to be submitted with the Part 1 application.


Tinamarie Terrasi is the GME Office liaison for new program development. Please contact her as early as possible to indicate that you are interested in creating a new program.

The GME Director who works with your department is available if you have any questions about this and will otherwise be in touch with you after the application is submitted. Please see list of GME director assignments.

The Part 2 application will be sent to programs along with the Part 1 endorsement letter. Please contact Tinamarie Terrasi with questions.