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Healthcare Technology

Modern advances in healthcare technology have made many healthcare treatment options, once only available in a hospital, now available at home.  

Healthcare Technology at home

Now at Mass General Brigham Home Care, we can help you feel safer, more connected, and better informed about your health than ever before. All from the comfort of your own home.

At Mass General Brigham, our Home Care program utilizes the most advanced technology to help provide best-in-class service for its patients. Healthcare technology that once was available only in the hospital now allows Mass General Brigham to offer a premium level of care at home.

These services are leveraged by a network of qualified clinicians who deliver care designed to meet the unique needs of each patient, with the goal of optimizing independence and quality of life.

Our healthcare technology products help keep you the patient safer in your own home.  Our Home Care program can help you choose the right services, and we will make sure you feel comfortable using them. So, you in turn will feel more comfortable in the place you know best: home.

Medication Dispensing

Manage your medications without worry or confusion. Our medication dispensing service helps you manage your medications without worry or confusion. An alarm alerts you when it’s time for medication, so you never miss a dose.

For more information about the Medication Dispensing Service from Mass General Brigham Home Care, call 1-800-910-4225.

Personal Emergency Response System (PERS)

What is a Personal Emergency Response System (PERS)? Just press a button to get help any time you need it, day or night. 

Nearly 4,000 people throughout Eastern Massachusetts use our Lifeline for fast access to emergency help if they can’t get to the phone. PERS provides you with an easy-to-use system that can help provide a sense of confidence to continue to get out and live life to the fullest.

Any time you need help – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – a PERS system is there. Press your Personal Help Button if you’ve fallen and you are not sure if you’re seriously injured or if you just need some help getting back on your feet. Your Response Associate will quickly determine what you need, whether it’s assistance from a neighbor or emergency response services.

For more information about PERS, call us at 978-236-1525.