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Ways to Give

Every donation makes a difference in someone's recovery and future.

Your Support

Your support – in any amount and through any method you prefer – makes our first-class care possible, and has a real, meaningful impact for people in need of our home care services. Through your gift, you can be an active partner in ensuring that the best possible care is delivered in the comfort of home.

Ways to give:

Your generous cash contribution, in any amount—when made today and on an ongoing annual basis—gives us the flexibility to address the most pressing needs throughout Mass General Brigham Home Care. Please call us for details 617-952-6880.

Consistent, monthly giving has tremendous impact on the work we do for families in our communities. It allows us to plan, manage, and optimize care for the people who need us most. Become a monthly sustainer by setting up a recurring gift now. Please call us for details 617-952-6880.

Double the impact of your donation to Mass General Brigham Home Care by leveraging your employer’s matching gift program. Many companies offer employer-matched giving as an employee benefit – even if you’re not aware of it. Contact your employer’s Human Resources office to see if your company matches charitable gifts. It may even be possible to have earlier gifts you’ve made this year to Mass General Brigham to be included in this matching program.

Invest in the future of Mass General Brigham Home Care and in the mission we all represent. As a Mass General Brigham employee, you know the power of hope, health and recover. Every day, you bring your best efforts to help our patients find their strength. By supporting the “Strength Fund,” your donation means we can do even more together!  Become a member today by designating a dollar amount, a timeframe, and your donation is received via payroll deduction. It is a powerful and straightforward way to join with your fellow Mass General Brigham colleagues to support our Home Care team’s mission of transforming home health care.

Honor a loved one, a nurse, a therapist or other caregiver who has made a difference in your life. Their legacy will live on for people who need care and support that may otherwise not be available to them. Make a meaningful difference in the name of someone you care about by supporting Mass General Brigham Home Care and the care delivered by our staff every day. A tribute or memorial gift is a wonderful way to honor or remember a family member, or to show your gratitude for the support you or a family member received from a Mass General Brigham Home Care caregiver. Give a gift in the name of that special person who made a difference in your life.

If you would like to direct gifts to Mass General Brigham Home Care in memory of a loved one, we hope the following language is helpful.

In lieu of flowers, donations in memory can be made to Mass General Brigham Home Care 

Checks can be mailed to:
Mass General Brigham Home Care
Development Office
300 1st Ave.
Charlestown, MA 02129

Please reach out to our office at 617-952-6880 for any assistance or questions.

Naming Mass General Brigham Home Care in your will is quite easy and provides critical support to our patients recovering from illness and disability. For legacy gifts of Securities and other property including Mass General Brigham Home Care in your estate plans, you make a profound impact for generations to come—and inspire others with your legacy of generosity.  Naming Mass General Brigham Home Care in your will or trust is a simple and flexible way to make a deferred gift that reflects your enduring values and philanthropic priorities. Giving through a life insurance policy is another meaningful and tax-efficient way to leave your legacy.

Through your estate plans, you can make a gift of a specific dollar amount, a percentage of your estate, or the remainder of your estate once all your other distributions have been fulfilled as you wish.  You can also earmark a bequest for a specific purpose, facility or program or identify your bequest as unrestricted.

Donating stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and other property can provide benefits for you and for our patients.  Your generosity can change lives...and can make good sense for your financial and tax plans. Donating gifts of securities—appreciated stocks, bonds, mutual funds—and other property can have many benefits for you and make a meaningful impact for the patients we serve. Gifts of stock and other securities typically entitle a donor to a federal income tax charitable deduction and capital gain tax savings for securities owned for at least a year. We encourage you to consult your own advisors to discuss your gift plans and tax implications.

Common security gifts:

  • Publicly traded stock

  • Mutual fund shares

  • Corporate and municipal bonds

Other types of property gifts:

  • Private stock

  • Partnership interests/stock options

  • Real estate

  • Tangible personal property (e.g., artwork, rare coins, certain medical equipment, etc.)

Our development professionals will collaborate with you and your advisors to help determine whether your gift of property is suitable for donation to Mass General Brigham Home Care. For gift transfer instructions, options for property gifts, or other information, please contact the Home Care Development Office at 617-952-6880 or

By requesting a distribution from your donor advised fund to Mass General Brigham Home Care, you can make a significant impact.  A donor advised fund is a smart vehicle to manage and direct your giving—and you can make a meaningful impact by including Mass General Brigham Home Care as a top priority.

Mass General Brigham Home Care gratefully welcomes charitable support through donor advised funds (“DAF”), which are often managed by financial services firms (Fidelity, Vanguard, etc.) or non-profit community foundations (e.g., the Boston Foundation). If you would like to contribute to Mass General Brigham Home Care, you may direct your DAF administrator to send your distribution to:

Mass General Brigham Home Care 
Development Office 
1575 Cambridge Street 
Cambridge, MA 02138

If you or your DAF administrator have questions about making a distribution from your fund, please call us at 617-952-6880.

IRAs, 401Ks, and other retirement plan assets can be a meaningful and tax-efficient source of giving.  They are gifts that pay income.

When planning for your future, you can also have an impact on the future of home care. Naming Mass General Brigham Home Care as a beneficiary of your retirement plan is a meaningful way to support our important mission of delivering the best and most accessible home care available. IRAs, 401Ks and other retirement plan assets can be valuable, tax-efficient vehicles for charitable giving. A retirement gift plan is simple to make: Simply add Mass General Brigham Home Care to your “beneficiary designation” information on file with your retirement plan administrator easily and at any time.

Retirement plan assets often come with estate and income taxes that leave little left over for heirs. However, by designating Mass General Brigham Home Care as a remainder beneficiary of your retirement account, you can support meaningful work while minimizing your family’s tax burden.

If you are 70.5 or older, you can use your traditional or Roth IRA to make a gift now to Mass General Brigham Home Care. In fact, you can have up to a total of $100,000 transferred directly from your IRA to Mass General Brigham Home Care each year—and have that amount count as part of your required minimum distribution—that is not reported as taxable income. To learn more about these beneficial giving opportunities, please contact the Senior Director of Principal and Major Gifts, at 617-952-6811, or

Gifts of Gratitude – The Morrisons

Frank Morrison decided to make a donation in honor of his caregiver Jill, a registered nurse with Mass General Brigham Home Care. When he told his wife Kathie, she responded with, “I’ll match that!” Because, in fact, Frank and Kathie are both Jill’s patients.  

The Mass General Brigham Home Care approach made it possible for Frank and Kathie to stay together in their home and build a trusted bond with their shared care provider. 

When she heard about the Morrisons’ gifts, Jill was touched. “I believe that through the one-on-one interactions and teaching that are part of home care, I can really impact someone’s life over time,” Jill said. “I’m so glad I could be there for Frank and Kathie.”

Frank and Kathie Morrison with Jill from Home Care