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Laboratory for Molecular Medicine

Test Pricing, Turnaround Time, and CPT Codes

Our tests

The American Medical Association’s CPT codes issued by the Laboratory for Molecular Medicine are provided for informational purposes only. The codes reflect our interpretation of CPT coding requirements based upon AMA guidelines published annually. CPT codes are provided only as guidance to assist clients with billing. As such, the Laboratory for Molecular Medicine strongly recommends that clients confirm CPT codes with the applicable payor, as requirements may differ. CPT coding is the sole responsibility of the billing party and the Laboratory for Molecular Medicine assumes no responsibility for billing errors due to reliance on the CPT codes published. Please direct any questions regarding CPT coding to the payer being billed. 

Test prices, turnaround times, and CPT codes for our genome sequencing, next-generation panels, testing panels, single gene tests, and familial variant testing are listed below. For any additional questions, please contact the lab. 

Test Price Turnaround time CPT code
Panel (62 Genes) $3,500 6-8 weeks 81439
Transthyretin amyloidosis—TTR gene sequencing  $600 3 weeks 81404
Test Price Turnaround time CPT code
Single diagnostic genome $4,350 Please call 81425
Trio diagnostic genome  $7,300 Please call 81425(1), 81426(2)
Expanded genomic screening $2,950 Please call Please call
Test Price Turnaround time CPT code
OtoGenomeTM test for hearing loss (110 genes)  $3,950  8-12 weeks  81430 (1), 81431 (1) 
Connexin test (GJB2 sequencing and GJB6-D13S1830 deletion)  $600  3 weeks 81252 (1), 81254 (1) 
Pendred syndrome—SLC26A4 sequencing  $1,100  4 weeks  81406 
WFS1 gene sequencing  $750  3 weeks 81479 (1) 
POU3F4 gene sequencing  $500 3 weeks 81479 (1) 
Test Price Turnaround time CPT code
APOL1 genotyping panel A  $600 3 weeks 81479

Familial variant test

Test Price Turnaround time CPT code
Familial variant testing—LMM proband  $600 3 weeks 81403
Familial variant testing—non-LMM proband $750 3 weeks 81403

 *Prices above for up to three variants. Additional variants are $50 each. 

Insurance, pricing, and CPT codes 

For patients seeking reimbursement from an insurance company 

It is up to the patient to seek reimbursement from their insurance company. Every company has different policies and paperwork. We advise you to contact your insurer before submitting a sample for testing. 

When calling an insurance company, you will need: 

  • The name, address and telephone number of the clinician recommending testing 
  • The name of the genetic test being recommended 
  • CPT codes for the recommended test

You should ask: 

  • Will I need pre-authorization? 
  • Will I need a letter of medical necessity? 
  • What is the reimbursement process? 
  • What will I need to submit for reimbursement? 
  • What forms are required and where can I find those forms? 
  • Where do I submit any paperwork?