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Commercialization Council

The Commercialization Council is comprised of senior innovators and commercialization leaders at Mass General Brigham.

The Council provides a forum for information sharing, joint decision-making, and strategy setting for system-wide collaboration on entrepreneurial programs.

Fabrisia Ambrosio, PhD

Fabrisia Ambrosio, PhD, is the atlantic charter director of the Discovery Center for Musculoskeletal Recovery at the Schoen Adams Research Institute.

Paul Anderson, MD, PhD  

Paul Anderson, MD, PhD, is the chief academic officer for Mass General Brigham. He oversaw the launch and growth of the Gene and Cell Therapy Institute and played a key role in the launch of the Gene Lay Institute of Immunology and Inflammation.

Jay Austen, MD

Jay Austen, MD, is the chief of the division of plastic and reconstructive surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School.

Maurizio Fava, MD 

Maurizio Fava, MD, is psychiatrist-in-chief of Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), director of the division of clinical research of the MGH Research Institute, and executive director of the Clinical Trials Network and Institute at MGH, and associate dean for clinical and translational research and the Slater Family Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School.

Mason Freeman, MD

Mason Freeman, MD, is a professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, chief of the lipid metabolism unit at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), and director of the translational medicine group of the MGH Center for Computational and Integrative Biology and the MGH Clinical Research Program.

Michael Gilmore, PhD

Michael S. Gilmore, PhD, is the Sir William Osler professor of ophthalmology (microbiology and immunobiology) and director of infectious disease institute at Harvard Medical School, and chief scientific officer at Mass Eye and Ear.

Ole Isacson, MD

Ole Isacson, MD, is a professor of neurology and neuroscience at Harvard Medical School, a principal faculty member at the Harvard Stem Cell Institute and founding director of the Neuroregeneration Research Institute at McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical School.

Daphne Haas-Kogan, MD

Daphne Haas-Kogan, MD, is chair of the department of radiation oncology at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, chair of the department of radiation oncology for Massachusetts General Hospital, and chief of enterprise radiation oncology for Mass General Brigham. She is a professor of radiation oncology at Harvard Medical School.

Jeff Karp, PhD

Chemical Engineer Jeff Karp, PhD, is a world leader in the fields of drug delivery, stem cell therapeutics, and tissue adhesives.

Robert Kingston, PhD

Robert Kingston, PhD, is the current chief academic officer and the former chair of the department of molecular biology at Massachusetts General Hospital and the former vice chair of the department of genetics at Harvard Medical School.

Adam Landman, MD, MS, MIS, MHS

Adam Landman, MD, MS, MIS, MHS, is chief information officer and senior vice president of Digital at Mass General Brigham. He is also associate professor of Emergency Medicine at Harvard Medical School, and an attending emergency physician at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

Calum MacRae, MD, PhD

Calum MacRae is a cardiologist, geneticist, and developmental biologist who trained in Edinburgh, London, and Boston.

Joan Miller, MD

Dr. Joan Miller is the David Glendenning Cogan Professor and Chair of the Department of Ophthalmology at Harvard Medical School (HMS), Chief of Ophthalmology at Massachusetts Eye and Ear and Massachusetts General Hospital, and Ophthalmologist-in-Chief at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

Orhun Muratoglu, PhD

Orhun Muratoglu, PhD, is an associate professor at Harvard Medical School, the Alan Gerry Scholar at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), and co-director of the Harris Orthopaedics Lab (HOL) at MGH, and director of the Technology Implementation and Research Center at MGH.

Dennis Orgill, MD, PhD

Dennis Orgill, MD, PhD, is a professor of surgery at Harvard Medical School, and the director of the Brigham and Women’s Hospital Wound Care Center.

Mark Poznansky, MD, PhD

Mark Poznansky, MD, PhD, is a professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, an attending physician in infectious diseases medicine at the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), and Director of the Vaccine and Immunotherapy Center at MGH.

Kerry Ressler, MD, PhD

Kerry J. Ressler, MD, PhD, is the chief scientific officer and James and Patricia Poitras chair in psychiatry at McLean Hospital and professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School.

Christine Seidman, MD

Christine Seidman, MD, is the Thomas W. Smith professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, a professor of genetics at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, director of the Cardiovascular Genetics Center, and an investigator of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

Susan Slaugenhaupt, PhD

Susan Slaugenhaupt, PhD, is the inaugural scientific director of the Mass General Research Institute, a strategic initiative that will support the entire research enterprise at Massachusetts General Hospital to foster and sustain medical innovation.

Rudolph Tanzi, PhD

Rudolph Tanzi, PhD, is the director of the Genetics and Aging Research Unit and Vice-Chair of Neurology at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Guillermo Tearney, MD, PhD

Guillermo Tearney, MD, PhD, is a professor of pathology at Harvard Medical School, an affiliated faculty member of the Harvard-MIT division of health sciences and technology, and the Mike and Sue Hazard family research scholar at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Mehmet Toner, PhD

Mehmet Toner, PhD, is a professor of surgery at the Harvard Medical School, a professor of biomedical engineering at the Harvard-MIT division of health sciences and technology, associate director of the Center for Engineering in Medicine and Surgery (CEMS) at Massachusetts General Hospital and Shriners Hospital for Children, and director of the CEMS-affiliated BioMEMS Resource Center.

Innovation Growth Board

Our Innovation Growth Board members are leaders in investment, entrepreneurial, and industrial communities.​ 

The Innovation Growth Board provides independent advice on strategy, business development, technology and market opportunity, investment approach, human resource acquisition, and product development.

Paul LaViolette

Paul LaViolette is the managing partner, chief operating officer, and innovation growth board chairman at SV Health Investors. He brings over 34 years of global medical technology management experience. 

Earl (Duke) Collier

Earl (Duke) Collier is president of The Braxton Company and Innovation Growth. He served from 2010-2014 as the CEO of 480 Biomedical, a medical device company developing products used in the treatment of peripheral artery disease, and the executive chairman of Arsenal Medical, Inc., a medical device company.

Joe Cunningham, MD

Joe Cunningham, MD, is a founding partner and managing director of Santé Ventures, an early-stage life science and health care venture capital company, based in Austin and Houston, Texas.

Jean-François Formela, MD

Jean-François Formela is a partner with Atlas Venture. He focuses on new advances in biology and drug discovery technologies, as well as novel therapeutics.

Michael Greeley

Michael Greeley is co-founder and general partner at Flare Capital Partners. Previously, he was the founding general partner of Flybridge Capital Partners. He serves on various innovation and investment advisory boards in the health care field.

Adele Gulfo

Adele Gulfo has served as chief executive officer of the Biopharma Commercial Unit at Sumitomo Pharma America since the Company’s formation in 2023, with oversight of the Company’s commercial products APTIOM®, GEMTESA®, LATUDA®, MYFEMBREE®, ORGOVYX®, and RETHYMIC®.

Reid Huber, PhD

Reid Huber, PhD, joined Third Rock Ventures in 2018 as partner. Third Rock is one of the industries preeminent life sciences company creation firms, based in Boston, MA.

Andy Hurd

Andy Hurd is an operating partner at Cressey and Company, previously serving as CEO of Mede Analytics, with more than 25 years of experience in health care IT, including product and market innovation, as well as strategic partnerships.

Keith Kerman, MD

Keith Kerman, MD, is an operating partner and senior advisor with The Riverside Company, a global private equity firm focused on growth businesses.

Robert Kingston, PhD

Robert Kingston, PhD, is the current chief academic officer and the former chair of the department of molecular biology at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and the former vice chair of the department of genetics at Harvard Medical School. He is also the vice chair of the MGH Research Institute advisory council.

Adam Koppel, MD, PhD

Adam Koppel, MD, PhD, rejoined Bain Capital in 2016 as managing director of the Bain Capital Life Sciences Fund. He had initially joined Bain Capital Public Equity in 2003, where he was a leader within the health care sector.

John Lepore, MD

John Lepore, MD, is senior vice president for GSK where he leads a large research group focusing on leveraging the science of immunology, human genetics and genomics, and advanced technologies to identify novel drug targets and new therapeutic molecules, and demonstrate proof of mechanism in clinical studies.

Barbara Lubash

Barbara Lubash is a Director and Advisor for corporate and non-profit boards. She serves on the boards of Advanced ICU Care, CareConnectMD, Clew Medical, and the Solve ME/CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) Initiative.

Amir Nashat

Amir Nashat is a managing partner in Polaris’ Boston office. He joined Polaris in April 2002 and focuses on investments in health care, consumer products, and energy.

Russ Richmond, MD

Russ Richmond, MD, is a physician and entrepreneur with experience building subscription data-analytics companies, such as Advanced Practice Strategies (APS), Validic, PeraHealth, Explorys, Objective Health, Verisk Health, and D2Hawkeye, as well as counseling CEOs of large providers, payors, and health systems as a McKinsey & Company management consultant.

Alfred Sandrock, MD, PhD

Alfred Sandrock, MD, PhD, has been CEO and a board member of Voyager Therapeutics Dr. since 2022. Sandrock joined Voyager following a prolific career in biopharmaceutical drug development, in which he spent 23 years at Biogen, where he identified and developed novel therapies for a variety of serious diseases.

Sue Siegel

Sue Siegel has driven game-changing ideas and powered companies that advance industries and improve lives for more than three decades. As GE’s chief innovation officer and CEO of GE Ventures, Siegel led the development and acceleration of innovation across GE for seven years.

Paula Ness Speers

Paula Ness Spears co-founded Health Advances more than 25 years ago, and now advises senior level client engagements focused on strategies to evaluate and optimize the value of developmental and marketed products and services, business units, and companies in the health care arena.