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Mass General Brigham Innovation

Mass General Brigham Innovation is a collaborative team of business development and investment professionals working with medical inventors, thought-leaders, entrepreneurs and industry to shape the future of medicine.

Female researcher using test tubes in a laboratory

What is Mass General Brigham Innovation?

Mass General Brigham Innovation is the business development arm of Mass General Brigham, responsible for the worldwide commercial application of the discoveries made by Mass General Brigham's 80,000 employees. Our team works with medical inventors, investors, entrepreneurs and industry.

Our mission is to take medical inventions and innovations discovered by Mass General Brigham researchers and provide the support and infrastructure to enable technology development, commercialization, and, ultimately, the creation of health care treatments and products that benefit patients everywhere.

Our 150+ person team has backgrounds in technology licensing, patenting, bench research, venture, finance, funding, business, law, and start-ups.

Committed to medical innovations

Every day in research labs, investigators, doctors, and nurses at Mass General Brigham are working to discover the next generation of cures, treatments, medical devices, and technology that will improve the lives and outcomes of patients everywhere. Mass General Brigham Innovation works directly with researchers across the system to support them in their pursuit of commercializing their innovations and making them accessible for patients.

Researcher in a laboratory with samples and pipette

Converting invention to innovation

Innovation is responsible for industry collaborations, venture investing, licensing, company creation, technology marketing, open innovation alliances, and workforce development.

Licensing partnerships

Mass General Brigham Innovation works with investors and companies to license medical technologies in diagnostics, medical devices, research tools, medical software, therapeutics, and vaccines.