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About Us

Researchers at Mass General Brigham are studying how genes, lifestyle, and other factors affect people’s health and contribute to disease. Before they can begin their research, they may spend years recruiting patients and building up a collection of samples and data. This process can be slow and costly. The Biobank’s goal is to dramatically speed up the pace of research by making samples and data from thousands of participants readily available to researchers. We recruit patients and collect blood samples at clinics throughout Mass General Brigham, and through our website. All of the samples and data we collect become available to researchers across Mass General Brigham, so they can begin their research in a fraction of the time.

If you agree to participate, it’s possible researchers will use your samples and data to study a health condition that you have, or a variation found in your DNA. It’s also possible your samples and data will serve as an important “control” in research; for example, if a researcher is studying a particular disease that you do not have, they may still need your sample as a comparison against a sample from someone who does have the disease. That’s why it’s important for people of all backgrounds, ages, and health status to join the Biobank. Everyone has the power to make a difference in research! 

The Biobank has recruited over 145,000 patients whose samples and data have supported over 450 studies!