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We Ask Because We Care 

We ask because we see you. Everyone is unique, and everyone deserves the best health outcomes.

Patient registration

Mass General Brigham is committed to giving our patients equal access to high-quality care regardless of race, ethnic background, language, interpreter needs, gender identity, pronouns, or sexual orientation. To support this mission, we ask all patients about their background and language.

Your information is kept private and is only used to help us serve you better.

To confirm or update your information, please contact us in any of the following ways:

Why do we ask about race, ethnic background, language, gender identity, pronouns, and sexual orientation?

Our goal is to give excellent, safe, and fair health care to everyone. We use this information to:

  • Help care teams understand the patients and communities we serve. People’s health can be impacted by background, identity, and language — so the better we understand who our patients are, the better your care can be.
  • Plan quality improvements and remove inequities. Like all high-quality health care systems, we compare health outcomes among different patient groups. This tells us how well we’re doing so we can adjust our approaches if needed.
  • Create better services and programs, like interpreter services and digital health tools. We embrace diversity while planning our health services. Recognizing differences among patients means identifying the different ways we can support you better. For example, knowing the language preferences of our patients helps us to plan for medical interpretation and translation.
  • Meet federal requirements. Your individual identifying information is never provided to the government. But like all health care providers, we comply with regulations to provide a broad picture of the patients we serve to help improve care nationally.

Who sees this information?

The only people who see this information are your clinician, health care office support staff, and the quality improvement staff at Mass General Brigham. Our staff only accesses this information when it is necessary for providing care, health care operations, and billing. All information we collect is part of your medical record, which is always kept private. Your medical record is protected by law.

Learn more about your patient privacy rights

Is it mandatory for patients to provide race, ethnic background, language, gender identity, pronouns, and sexual orientation information?

No. You have a choice about whether to provide your information. We ask so we can serve you and all of our diverse patient communities better.