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Center for Sports Performance and Research

What We Do

Train smarter with Mass General Brigham’s Center for Sports Performance and Research. Together with our team of advanced sports science professionals, we are able to assess, analyze, and develop customized training plans to keep you ahead of the competition or just return to the sport you love. Our training programs incorporate the latest research in performance training and sports recovery.

male trainer supervising a male athlete using a weight machine at gym

Sports performance training

female trainer supervising male athlete on treadmill with oxygen machine attached on face

The Center for Sports Performance and Research offers expert athletic training, led by performance specialists who understand what it takes to perform under pressure.

By incorporating individual athlete assessments, goals, and the latest in sports science technologies, the performance specialists are able to design customized programs to enhance the athlete’s capabilities. 

woman on a rowing machine in gym supervised by male trainer

Sports performance training programs include:

  • High School/Club Athlete Development
  • Collegiate Athlete Development
  • Professional/Olympic Athlete Development
  • Masters/Adult Athlete Development
  • Tactical Athlete Development
womon running in training lab

Sports science labs include:

  • Metabolic testing
  • Physiological assessment and monitoring
  • Motion analysis
  • Force plate kinematics
  • Cognitive performance assessments and training

Sports we specialize in:

Sports recovery

man inside cryotherapy chamber

Sports performance recovery is the key to sustained performance. Using a science-based approach, the Center for Sports Performance and Research utilizes the latest technology to physically and mentally recover from the stress of training. The performance specialists will customize your sports recovery based off of your current state of readiness.

What does the sports performance training facility offer?

The Center for Sports Performance and Research incorporates 20,000 square feet of laboratory and training spaces under one roof. These spaces include:

  • Biomechanics and motion analysis lab for studying a wide variety of performance activities and tasks
  • 4-lane, 30-meter track with integrated force plates and motion capture
  • Strength training area with integrated technologies for physiological and biomechanical data capture
  • Recovery Suite consisting of 2 FLOAT Rooms, 1 cryostimulation chamber, and 1 photobiomodulation bed
  • Innovation technology lab
  • Commercial performance nutrition teaching kitchen

Center programs integrate technologies within the Sports Optimization Training spaces to better evaluate and quantify sports performance, informing the training strategies to optimize injury risk mitigation, recovery, and sport performance outcomes.

Meet the sports performance training team

Whether you work a physically demanding job, are a competitive athlete, or are just someone trying to lead a healthier lifestyle, our expert training staff can help you perform better by teaching you how to build muscle effectively, maximize your energy expenditures and decision-making during athletic performance, and recover rapidly.