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Funding programs for innovators

Pfizer Centers for Therapeutic Innovation

Pfizer Dolsten fireside chat on stage at 2023 World Medical Innovation Forum

About Pfizer Centers for Therapeutic Innovation 

The Pfizer CTI program is focused on leveraging academic discoveries along with Pfizer’s broad drug discovery capabilities to bring new potential therapeutics to the clinic. 

Program features

Pfizer offers substantial resources:

  • Funding for project-specific research
  • Access to scientific/technical expertise and infrastructure at Pfizer
  • Hands-on collaboration from Pfizer drug-development experts
  • Potential for in-licensing, including milestone and royalty payments
  • Publication rights
  • Clinical proof-of-mechanism through stage-gated projects over several years

Researchers and clinicians who are working on opportunities related to the following are encouraged to apply:

  • DNA-damage response and replicative stress
  • Causes or treatments of novel strategies, targeting the cause or treatment of repeat expansion diseases
  • Target cellular senescence, including senolytic and senomomorphic approaches
  • Tissue-immune system crosstalk in disease pathology

Pre-submission contact

Mark Fulton, PhD
Alliance Manager